But being knowledgeable and understand are two different

India will hope his appointment will come through, not only because he has been a consistent advocate of close ties but also because he has offered firm public advice to Trump about the need for continuity in policy towards Delhi.In an article in Asia Policy this month, that largely reads like the statement he may present at (potential) confirmation hearings, Tellis underlines yet again where India fits in the American calculus. Going back to George W Bush administration, he says with India was premised on the assumption that the principal strategic problem facing both countries consisted of the rise of China and the threat it posed to both US primacy and Indian security. To tackle this, Washington would remain ultimate guarantor of Asian security building collaborative partnerships in the region and it would strengthen India power any expectations of strict reciprocity because New Delhi expanding capabilities as they could help limit Chinese ambitions the United States larger geopolitical objectives in Asia and globally.

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