Officials said Zayed wanted to be helpful to both leaders

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replica goyard belts But his ties to Trump advisers, experience with clandestine work and relationship with the royal leaders of the Emirates where he moved in 2010 amid mounting legal problems for his American business would have positioned him as an ideal go between.The Seychelles meeting came after separate private discussions in New York involving high ranking representatives of Trump with both Moscow and the Emirates.The goyard belvedere replica White House has acknowledged that Michael T. Flynn, Trump’s original national security adviser, and Trump adviser and son in law Jared Kushner met with the Russian ambassador to the United States, Sergey Kislyak, in late November or early December in New York.In an unusual breach of protocol, the UAE did not notify the Obama administration in advance of the cheap goyard bags uk visit, though officials found out because Zayed’s name appeared on a flight manifest.Officials said Zayed and his brother, the UAE’s national security adviser, fake goyard pouch coordinated the Seychelles meeting with Russian government officials with the goal of establishing an unofficial back channel between Trump and Putin.Officials said Zayed wanted to be helpful to both leaders, who had talked about working more closely together, a policy objective long advocated by the crown prince. The UAE, which sees Iran as one of its main Goyard Replica Bags enemies, also shared the Trump team’s interest in finding ways goyard tote fake vs real to drive a wedge between Moscow and Tehran.Zayed met twice with Putin in 2016, according to Western officials, and urged the Russian leader to work more closely with the Emirates and Saudi Arabia an effort to isolate Iran.At the time of the Seychelles meeting and for weeks afterward, the UAE believed that Prince had the blessing of the new administration to act as its unofficial representative. replica goyard belts

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