Prof Tait told Cambridgeshire Live he intends to stay there

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cheap jordans from china Professor’s one man protest to stop ‘ancient’ Cambridge hedge being ripped upThe hedge is due to be destroyed to make way for a new cycle pathAlan Tait, 69, began his protest around 10.30am (December 10) by sitting down on the wet ground near the footpath, to halt the progress of contractors.The work to remove the 100 metre long section hedge near Leys Avenue is talking place as part of preparations to build a new cycle path through the park, which Prof Tait also opposes.He says he is concerned about the safety implications of a cycle path crossing through a pedestrian walkway.Prof Tait told Cambridgeshire Live he intends to stay there until someone from Cambridgeshire County Council is called out to speak to him.He is also calling on other people who feel similarly, to join his protest.He said: “I am doing it because they have come to rip out the hedge. We were only told on on Saturday that it was happening and they arrived this morning.”It is an ancient boundary hedge, marking the former boundary of Cambridge. It is a bit scrappy in places, but birds nest in it in spring.wider path near the Arbury Court play area will mean more people can quickly access the Arbury Road Cross City Cycling scheme, which forms an essential part of the expanding cycling network to connect housing in the north of the city with places of work and always unfortunate to remove trees or hedges, but we will be planting ten trees and creating new planting areas as part cheap jordan shoes india of a comprehensive package of mitigation measures.are also working on plans to further improve safety for where the new shared use path meets Arbury Road and Leys Avenue.Alan Tait from Cambridge who held his own protest near Leys Avenue where workmen had arrived to rip out an ancient hedge to make way for a new cycle way cheap jordans from china.

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