Thanks to the Leptin, our fat cells are able tell the brain

“[C]ivil rights activists were disappointed when Wilson’s war for democracy failed to topple Jim Crow at home. For a long time, the historiography ended there,” historian Jennifer D. Keene writes in The American Historian. Ransomware was also used on Maharashtra government computers and the data encrypted, he says. Among the victims whose cases he has handled or is handling are chartered accountants, lawyers and other professionals whose computers were encrypted and an amount of up to $500 demanded. Financial organisations and web service providers are among others who face similar attacks..

When I got there, he was on his back bleeding from every hole in his head. I tried to check airway but his head felt like a bag of broken glass. It the creepiest feeling, you can almost hear the bones grinding together, but really you are just feeling it through the skin.

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