Fear facilitates both position and source

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Often this is because we fear a reality in which we are no longer in control; no longer in possession of some position of power or some source of power. Fear facilitates both position and source, just as a lever facilitates the moving of a rock. That is why many of us fight to keep it as our preferred nutrient.

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He was brazen enough to brag about it. The response was “Aww, that just Jimmy. He weird!” He even told people he was into necrophilia; “Ha! Jimmy! You such a dark sense of humour, old chap.” All of this only came out after his death, of course. Editors aren’t alchemists. Similarly, if you want to market your project, you have to put in the hard work. You have to give out the free samples; you have to cultivate the network and the email lists; you have to respond to and cultivate your fans.

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